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Although the site has rapidly expanded, it is still in the early stages of construction, there is still a lot that remains to be added, and feedback would be appreciated, especially if you encounter any difficulties or problems. Thank you.

Who Is DJ Tyrer?

DJ Tyrer is a writer, poet and the person behind Atlantean Publishing, as well as having been the nonfiction editor for Redsine in 2000/01 and co-editor of the two-part King in Yellow special of Cyaegha in 2014/15.

Publication credits include a variety of anthologies, small press magazines, gaming magazines, chapbooks, two novellas and more.

DJ Tyrer has worked in education, administration, retail, management and public relations and currently resides in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England, UK.


... DJ Tyrer at atlanteanpublishing@hotmail.com


Feedback about the site is welcome. Although my main aim at the moment is to get all my past writing credits on here, I am always interested in ways in which the site can be made more user-friendly. In addition, I'm interested in whether anyone would find a list of appearances by magazine/publisher, a master list of stories or thematic listings of stories useful, or whether I should post some poetry or fiction on here.

In addition, if you discover my poetry or fiction anywhere that hasn't been listed on the site, please let me know (and, as there are certain anthologies and magazines I've yet to see a copy of, please do let me know if my work is missing from any that is supposed to contain it).

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