Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Eye of the Sun.... the title of my story in issue of Broadswords and Blasters, a pulp magazine with modern sensibilities. It's a sword-and-sorcery tale featuring a bounty-hunting swordswoman who stumbles upon an evil conspiracy involving the titular jewel. You can pick up a copy in paperback or on the Kindle from Amazon.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Tigershark 14!

Another free ezine for you to download! This issue is themed around Alien Sports, Alien Thoughts and includes a piece of flash fiction, a piece of micro-prose and a poem by a certain DJ Tyrer. Aeronwy Dafies, Andrew Darlington, and Neil K. Henderson are amongst the other contributors.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Sirens Call 33

A brand new issue of this wonderful horror ezine is available to download for free! It contains four poems and two stories by a certain DJ Tyrer. Other contributors include Jan Olson, Diane Arrelle, Jason Pere, Charles Rolan, and Sheri White, amongst others, plus the Horror Addicts poetry contest winner, Jonathin Fortin.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Strange Sorcery and Humorous SF Poetry

A new issue of Strange Sorcery has reached me containing my short medieval Mythos story Cat's Paw and a Yellow Mythos poem, Atlas Shrugged. Also contributing poetry and fiction to this fantastic issue are Lee Clark Zumpe and Matthew Wilson.

I've also had two humorous SF poems - Killing Grandpa and The Neptune Adventure - published on Grievous Angel - you can read them here.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Equal Opportunity Madness!

EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness - A Mythos Anthology by Otter Libris

In the depths of the cosmos there is madness to be found and there are stories to be told...
H.P. Lovecraft first unveiled his dark and twisted vision of human insignificance to a wide audience with the publication of his short stories beginning in the early 1920s. He became a significant influence on horror writers and readers around the world and left a profound imprint on the horror genre itself. But something was missing in his work, things like positive portrayals of people of color and strong women.
Lovecraft is one of those problematic authors who created astounding work, but carried personal attitudes that most modern audiences find repugnant, like racism and anti-Semitism. Whether or not he was also a misogynist is a topic of spirited debate, but there is no question that his work lacks female characters, and when they are present they portrayed as weak or evil.
And then a group of feisty writers and one plucky little independent press, Otter Libris, decided to fill in some of the gaps in the Mythos....
What began as a joking suggestion to write stories that would make Lovecraft roll in his grave grew into the little anthology that could - EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness. Why should straight, white men of Anglo-Saxon descent get to have all the maddening fun?
EOM includes stories from writers in America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Greece, and the protagonists are male and female, straight and not, and come in a wide variety of skin tones. Come enjoy all the madness of the Mythos in a rainbow of colors with EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness from Otter Libris, soon to be available in trade paper edition and your favorite e-book flavor.
Visit our Kickstarter and make sure you're the first on your street to go mad!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Seeking adventure? Seek no more!

If you enjoy the clash of steel, you'll love these three recent releases from Rogue Planet Press: Swords Against Cthulhu II: Hyperborean Nights, Sword and Planet, and The Devil's Armory III (as you may guess, there are earlier instalments there, if you need a further fix of adventure! You can also order all three from

 Swords Against Cthulhu II: Hyperborean Nights reprints my Olbur of Rokol story, The Flame in the Ice; Sword and Planet includes my sword-and-planet romp, Against The Exarzi; and The Devil's Armory III includes a Yellow Mythos-influenced sword-and-planet adventure of resistance against malevolent technologically-advanced masters, Against The Overlords.